Saturday, December 5, 2009

What a year!!

I've been feeling so sentimental lately just thinking about the last year and how incredibly blessed I feel to be the mom of River and Roxy. Roxy has changed our lives so much! I truly feel like she makes us a better family. I love watching River with her because he loves her so much. I love that I can give him something I never had; the love of a sibling. I see how much Forest and Ginnifer love each other and I know that River and Roxy will have such a wonderful life together. I can't believe Roxy will be one in just a couple of weeks!!! She is amazing, and those kids are the light and loves of my life. She jabbers nonstop but her favorite word is "Mum" No, sadly she is not saying MOM. She is saying "MORE" as in more food please!! This girl LOVES to eat!! She does not have a shut off valve...she will eat and eat with sheer pleasure on her face. She has two bottom teeth, and her top two second teeth. Not the middle two mind you! We lovingly call her "fangface". She started walking the day before Halloween and progressed to running quite fast. She follows River everywhere and just about every toy she picks up she puts straight to her ear and "talks on her cell phone" WOW! I may be in trouble one day. She is highly social!! She started going to Ms. Linda's in October and we all love them. We have had to block off the stairs because, yes, she would love to climb them. We had to put the Christmas tree in the office this year because this girl has at least 10 arms and she terrorizes the tree worse than the cat!! I love her so much, and I am thankful EVERY single day that GOD made me her mommy!
If you look at the top picture I forgot to mention what a drama queen Roxy is..she's hilarious and can turn on the tears in an instant, and them turn them off again. Future actress??? Maybe!

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